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Blueberry Bathsalt325.00

The Body Care Blueberry Bathsalt is a detoxifying delicately scented bath. Its rich aroma turns an ordinary bath into relaxing and fragrant retreat. It eliminates body aches and joint pains. This bathsalt will uplift your mood and freshen up your senses.

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Weight 500 g


Weight: 200 G

Key Benefits:

  • Rich aroma which turns an ordinary bath into relaxing and fragrant retreat
  • Eliminates body aches and joint pains


For manicure & pedicure: Add 1/2 – 1 capful of bath salt in a bowl of water and dip your hands and feet in it.

For a complete bath: Add just 2 capsful of bath salt in your warm bath for a well balanced nutrition and moisture for the skin. Dip a towel in a tub of bath salts and hot water.


Mineral sea salt, fumed silica, colour & perfume.