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Brazilian Star Soft Gel Wax1,101.69

The Body Care’s Star Soft Gel Wax is uniquely formulated without rosins, parabens colourant and fragrances. Its wax is crystal clear. This is a new and innovative waxing treatment which helps in significantly boosting skin recovery after waxing.

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Weight 500 g


This Star Soft Gel Wax can be used with complete confidence for the Face, bikini line and underarms. It is crystal clear.

The Body Care is know as the Most trusted brand by salons and parlours when it comes to this category of wax gels.


  1. Take desired number of blocks of wax and place them in wax heater. Let it melt and reach a working temperature.
  2. Using a spatula apply and even layer of wax on the area to be treated, in the direction of hair growth. Allow the wax to cool and harden.
  3. Hold the skin tight and remove the wax with firm action in the opposite direction of hair growth. Repeat till all the hairs are removed. Apply a soother at the end.


Hydrocarbon resin, Beeswax, Paraffin.