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The Body Care Glow Lifting Cream Packs is most suitable for people with dry skin. The pack gives a lifting effect and the cream emollients enrich your skin from within to combat dry patches. It detoxifies the skin leaving it soft and radiant. Keep your skin moisturized with regular usage

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Key Benefits:

  • Most suitable for people with dry skin
  • Gives a lifting effect
  • Regular usage reduces the skins tendency to dry


Cleanse your skin well and apply the cream evenly all over face and neck. Avoid areas around the eyes and leave it on till it dries. Then wipe it off with a moist sponge or wash off. This pack needs to be applied at least twice a week for optimum results.


Liquid paraffin, cetostearyl alcohol, glycerin shea butter, talc, demineralised water, kaolin, bentonite, multani mitti, lanolin, preservative, perfume etc.