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Lemon Honey Cold Wax90.00

The Body Care’s Lemon Honey Cold Wax is bright yellow in color and is sterile. It melts easily, sticks properly and is painless. The Lemon Honey Hot Wax strips away dirt from the skin and does not create a mess when used.



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Weight: 200 G


Key Benefits:

  • Sterilized Lemon Honey Cold Wax
  • Melts easily and spreads evenly
  • Sticks properly and is painless when pulled
  • No mess. No threading is required



  1. Wash hand and feet, then dry yourself thoroughly.
  2. Boil water in a slowly paced pan. Place the wax tin in it with lid and cover the pan. Keep for 5 minutes. It is now ready for use and tolerable to touch.
  3. Avoid direct heating on flame. Wax heaters can also be used.
  4. During excessive humidity sprinkle ordinary talcom powder on your skin, then apply wax.
  5. Apply melted wax with a knife or spatula in the direction of hair growth.
  6. Place a strip of cloth over the wax-press firmly and pull in the opposite direction.
  7. Repeat the process in quick steps.
  8. Do not allow wax to cool off. Clean skin with wet sponge or cloth.
  9. Use The Body Cares After Waxing Cream for soothing and cooling depilated skin.


Sucrose, Lemon Juice, DM Water.