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In our 20+ years of existence each day our aim has been to ensure that women feel comfortable in their skin. We try to make our vision a reality by providing them with a wide variety of beauty products in the skin care, hair care, spa products, waxing products, etc category.


We don’t just sell products. We are also the sole owners of our creations!


The Body Care is an Indian based manufacturing company. Since 1987 Mr. Raisuddin has been carrying on his cosmetic business in the name of Bodycare Cosmetics Manufacturing Company. This business is carried on under the brand name The Body Care since 1987, Our business mainly focuses on manufacture and marketing of cosmeceutical products and services to clients across the globe.


Our product portfolio includes a range of skin care, hair care, body care, nail care, sun care etc. The Body Care is highly regarded as a beauty trailblazer, thanks to its unparallel assortment of prestige products, unbiased services, competitive prices and innovative custom blended products.


After extensive research, we recognized an opportunity to satisfy the needs of women shopping for beauty products, which led to what we believe to be our unique combination of science and technology. We believe our strategy provides us with the competitive advantages that has contributed to our strong and remarkable performance. We take pride in the manufacture and distribution of our innovative and comfortable to use personal care products.


Over the time frame of two decades we have evolved dramatically and have become one of leaders in quality personal care product development and manufacturing. We owe full credit to Mr Raisuddin for starting the cosmetics line of business under the name of Bodycare Cosmetics Manufacturing Company in 1987. We have laid equal emphasis on our manufacturing unit and ensured our personal care products are marketed to clients across the globe.


Our product portfolio has 8 broad categories which extends a wide range of creams, face washes, face gels, shampoos, spa kits, professional creams, make up bases, waxing gels and manicure & pedicure kits. Our personal care products stand for convenience in use, value for money, variety of options and effective long-term results.