D-tox manicure & pedicure




Indulge in the ultimate d-tox manicure and pedicure, a rejuvenating journey in just nine luxurious steps. Step 1 begins with a soothing d-toxifying salt soak, cleansing and relaxing your hands and feet. Step 2 nourishes your cuticles with a conditioning treatment, promoting healthy nails. Step 3 follows with a d-toxifying cleanser, removing impurities and revitalizing the skin. Step 4 gently exfoliates with a mineral exfoliator, while Step 4a introduces an antioxidant elixir for added nourishment. Step 5 soothes and heals with a rejuvenating gel, paving the way for Step 6, the moisturizing D-tox cream. Step 7 involves a purifying algae d-tox powder mask, complemented by Step 7a, the refreshing algae D-tox gel. Step 8 concludes with a restoring mask, and Step 9 enhances your radiance with a glowing booster. Experience pure bliss and invigoration with this transformative d-tox manicure and pedicure.